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The North Central Missouri College Savannah location will provide students in northwest Missouri with access to the highest quality education in multiple allied health and technical skills areas. This means training students using the industry-standard equipment they will encounter on the job.  In addition, designing a modern learning environment requires a significant investment in instructional technology.

NCMC has already made major purchases of equipment for the robotics and agricultural equipment technology programs to be housed in Savannah. The next steps are to update the simulation technology used by our nursing department, and to acquire the equipment necessary to start programs in radiologic technology, surgical technology, and diagnostic sonography. This will include high fidelity mannequins, virtual reality equipment, wearable simulators, stationary and mobile x-ray machines, operating room tables and lights, and ultrasound machines, in addition to many other smaller items found in modern hospitals. Fully equipping all the labs will be a multi-million-dollar project and the College will be seeking donations of used technology as well as purchasing new with grants and institutional funds.

At the same time, NCMC is constructing a new facility with eleven classrooms and seven labs. Each one requires the infrastructure to deliver a full multimedia experience. In the learning environment of today and the future, instructors are able to share presentations and other electronic information through multiple touchscreen displays spread around the room. These displays can be written on with the instructor’s finger like a whiteboard, and then saved for future use or sharing with students. Alternately, students can break up in groups and project information from their personal devices to the closest screen for collaboration. The rooms will also be set up with high quality tracking cameras and microphones to enable a shift to hybrid or remote learning when needed, allowing instructors to work with students in the classroom and students online simultaneously. It costs approximately $100,000 per room to provide this technology.


The landscape of higher education is changing rapidly and a significant part of that change is due to evolving technology. North Central Missouri College graduates are in demand and it is incumbent upon us to keep pace with the tools and software used in various industries. It is our desire to give our students the opportunity to fuse their familiarity with technology with opportunities for innovation and exploration.

Through student focus groups, our students desire a state-of-the-art building that is rich in technology.  The resources provided will serve multiple purposes to supplement in-classroom learning, as well as enhance experiences outside the classroom, including opportunities for collaborative learning, co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement, student engagement and entertainment.

Student Learning

Items to support student learning would include:

  • Collaboration suites with desktop applications for word processing, communication, and calendaring that can be accessed by multiple people
  • Resources to access and view educational materials and content, allowing for individual and group work on assignments
  • Open access resources allowing for career exploration and lifelong learning Student Engagement/Entertainment

“Brain Break” Areas are a great addition to a college campus and items would include:

  • Possible broadcasting/Radio/Video production area with studio, acoustic voxels, mixers speakers, transmitter, receiver, antenna, mixer console, microphone, camcorders, video editing equipment, editing/production software, lighting, etc.
  • Multipurpose studio that could be used for a music lab, digital storytelling, and/or hosting art installations
  • Stage or platform for karaoke, music nights, performances
  • High definition TVs throughout
Functionality & Continued Engagement
  • Tools and technologies would include:
  • Large flat-screen displays
  • Charging stations
  • Ease-of-use technology, such as wireless connectivity to projectors
  • Connectivity to displays for student devices or gaming systems
  • Digital signage
  • Speakers with ability to broadcast music throughout building

Do we need solutions and innovative thinking from college students? Absolutely!  In the new Student Center, NCMC students will have a head start in problem solving and new ideas through learning that is supplemented by cutting edge technology.


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