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NCMC’s approaching centennial, in 2025, makes now the perfect time to improve and expand the College as an educational center as well as a partner in economic growth for the region. Remaining a positive influence in the region is a top priority for the College. To see how NCMC remains a positive regional influence review the NCMC Regional Impact section below.

Recent events including COVID has caused many people to seek a new career or businesses and corporations to “skill-up” workers. This is what we do! It is our mission. Additionally, at NCMC and the majority of other public colleges and universities, tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of providing a college education. A serious shortfall in state funding along with other factors has limited the College’s ability to meet these current needs while trying to expand programs, launch new initiatives, and maintain affordability.

As partners, we will Transform Lives and Empower People.


97-year commitment to providing accessible, affordable and quality educational programs with emphases on excellence in teaching, learning, student services, diversity and inclusiveness, and workforce development in rural and small communities.

Largest geographical service region of any community college in the state. Serving a total of 17-counties beginning in 2022 with the addition of Buchanan County.

An economic impact of over $30 Million annually throughout a 17-county service region.

Offering secure employment to the region of 125 full-time & 100 part-time employees.

The Savannah Campus (Phase II) will require an additional 10+ employees. The new positions will include allied health faculty and various support staff.

The only community college in the region to serve north central and northwestern Missouri. Many of the academic programs are the only offerings of their kind, which is important to students and for regional employers.

On average Costs 37% less than public Missouri four-year colleges/universities.

Dual credit courses are offered in 40+ schools. Dual credit promotes first-hand exposure to college-level work and a smoother transition from high school to college. In addition it decreases the time and cost to complete a college degree. 534 high school students are currently enrolled in 2,802 credit hours.

NCMC has an unmatched reputation for preparing students to fill regional workforce needs by offering over 35 degrees/certificates.

97% of nursing graduates find employment immediately after passing their State board exams.

Over 98% of graduates find jobs or successfully transfer within 6 months of graduation.

The Foundation awards over 200 scholarships with over $200,000 annual scholarship dollars dispersed to recipients.

A participating community college in Missouri’s A+ Scholarship program. This scholarship covers tuition and common fees for 2 years. Annually approximately $1.4 Million is awarded in A+ Scholarships.

The Higher Learning Commission conducted a positive 10-year accreditation review.

Business and industry training programs play a major role with regional employers to “skill-up” workers faster than most other training programs.

Agriculture program positively impacts regional crop and livestock production as well as providing many high school Ag programs with instructors and FFA leaders.

Providing administrative oversight to the Northwest Workforce Development Board ensures that employers have access to a productive and qualified workforce and that job-seekers have access to education and training opportunities throughout an 18-county service region.

Green Hills Head Start Partnership annually assists over 200 preschool children and their families in a 9-county region, in addition to offering the secure employment of approximately 60 employees.

Low-income students, disabled students and first generation students are offered assistance through the federal TRiO Program. Student Support Services, Upward Bound and Talent Search aid and supports junior high to college age students to obtain a college degree/certificate.

  • SSS serves 160 NCMC students
  • UB serves 50 area high school students
  • TS serves 500 qualifying students 

Mission: North Central Missouri College provides accessible, affordable, and quality educational programs, with emphasis on excellence in teaching, learning, student services, diversity and inclusiveness, and workforce development to all communities and rural areas of our 17-county service region.

In order to continually meet our mission, a strategic vision was forged that embraces the changing landscape in regional workforce and economic development, emerging technology, education delivery, and other changes that will impact the future success of not only our students, but all of our 17-county region.

To meet these emerging challenges, several critical initiatives have been identified and a wide range of opportunities exists to commemorate your investment to the Transforming Lives, Empowering People Campaign. Significant investments entitle the donor to appropriate recognition through a variety of named gift opportunities.  Your name, company’s name, or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize can be appropriately recognized.

The NCMC Foundation invites you to review the variety of naming/legacy opportunities that are available through the Transforming Lives, Empowering People Campaign. Your help is needed for NCMC to expand and add programs that will enhance the College’s role as an educational center of economic growth for the region.

An increasingly high-tech world demands that NCMC provide smart classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art technologies that allow students to practice using the same technology currently employed in the workplace.

Buildings25% or $1 – 1.5 Million
Large Interior Space$500,000
Specialized Labs/ (SIM) Simulation Labs$150,000 – $200,000
Specialized Classrooms/Computer Lab$75,000
General Classrooms/Resource Center$50,000
Office Suites/Collaboration Rooms$30,000

Scholarship Endowment$20,000 minimum

Please consider the variety of opportunities that will help the College prepare for the challenges of the next century.  You are also encouraged to work with the Foundation and the College to create other naming opportunities that might be more closely aligned with your special areas of interest.

Thank you for your interest in Naming/Legacy opportunities.  For more information on how you can play a major role in the Transforming Lives, Empowering People campaign, please contact:

Alicia Endicott, Director of Development
[email protected]
(660) 357-6403



Cash Investments
Take advantage of allowable federal tax deductions and certain state tax deductions by making your investment in cash. Payments by check or credit card are the usual forms of a cash investment. Checks should be made payable to the NCMC Foundation.

Pay pledge installments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually according to your wishes for a minimum of three years to a maximum of five years. Checks should be made payable to the NCMC Foundation.

Real Estate
You can make an investment of private, commercial or agricultural property to the Foundation. If your property has decreased in value, and to take advantage of capital loss and charitable gift deductions, you may consider selling your property and contributing the proceeds to the Foundation.

Stocks, Bonds, Securities
Assets like stocks, bonds and securities provide an excellent way for you to make a major investment. A gift of appreciated property (assets now worth more than you paid for them) provides you with an immediate income tax deduction and eliminates capital gains taxes to the extent allowed by law. Remember to transfer the gift to the Foundation before sale. Typically, investors transfer stock from their brokerage account directly to a Foundation account.  Stock certificates are also accepted by the Foundation.

Matching Investments
Please check to see if your employer (or spouse’s employer) matches employee donations to not-for-profit organizations like the Foundation. Some companies double or triple their employees’ investments. Forms from your employer (or spouse’s employer) must be submitted to the Foundation.

Invest to Make a Difference in the Future
Work closely with your attorney and/or financial planner for future investments that include the NCMC Foundation as a recipient.

Your Will or Trust
The simplest and most common form of a planned investment is to designate the Foundation in your will or trust for a specific sum or percentage of the estate.

An excellent way to make a deferred investment is a bequest in your will naming the NCMC Foundation as a recipient. Your will or trust can include investments in the form of cash, stock, bonds or securities; a specified percentage of your estate; or the balance of your estate after the interests of family members have been met.

Life Insurance
Naming the NCMC Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy will provide a gift at the time of your death. A life insurance policy with a cash value will provide an immediate investment.

Retirement Savings
Another option is naming the NCMC Foundation as a beneficiary of a portion of your retirement funds. To list the NCMC Foundation as a beneficiary, contact the administrator or person in charge of your IRA, profit sharing account, or other retirement plan.

Charitable Gift Annuity
This investment allows you to make charitable gifts and receive a life income, based on your age and the size of the investment. You may choose to benefit someone else during your lifetime and designate the NCMC Foundation as a successor beneficiary. Minimum for this type of gift is $20,000.



An appraisal must be obtained for any non-cash investments valued at more than $5,000. No appraisal is required for an investment of publicly traded securities for which market quotations are readily available on an established securities market.

Tax Tip

A charitable investment to the “Transforming Lives, Empowering People” campaign should be made on or before December 31 of the year in which you wish to receive the charitable federal income tax deduction.

Gift Stewardship

Your investment will be used specifically for the purpose(s) for which it was intended and treated with the utmost care and confidentiality per your instructions.

Consult your tax advisors

Again, the information provided here is not offered as legal or tax advice. For this advice, please contact your attorney and/or tax professional.

If you are interested in more information regarding Ways to Invest or how you can play a major role in Transforming Lives, Empowering People, please contact:

Alicia Endicott, Director of Development
[email protected]
(660) 357-6403


Why is NOW the right time for the North Central Missouri College Foundation to lead a Major Gifts Campaign?
NCMC’s approaching centennial, in 2025, makes now the perfect time to consider improving and expanding the College as an educational center as well as a partner in economic growth for the community and the region.  Recent events including COVID have caused many people to seek a new career or businesses and corporations to “skill-up” workers. However, a serious shortfall in state funding along with other factors has limited the College’s ability to meet these current needs, expand programs and launch new initiatives.

As a Tax-Supported College, why does NCMC need to raise private dollars?
It is important to note, NCMC is tax-assisted, NOT tax-supported.  Local taxes only provide 3.8% of the overall revenue stream for the College. Additionally, State appropriations have declined significantly.  In order to assure quality educational opportunities into the future, we seek your financial support and partnership.

Why not just raise tuition and fees?
NCMC is committed to offering students a quality education they can afford. On average, NCMC students pay 37% less to attend NCMC than other public, in-state institutions. The College’s goal is to provide quality educational opportunities for everyone in the 17-county service area long into the future.

What are the goals and initiatives for the Transforming Lives, Empowering People Campaign?
The NCMC Foundation Board has approved a working goal of $9.9 Million. To help meet the emerging challenges of the region, several critical initiatives have been identified. They  include the growth of first generation student scholarships, returning student scholarships, and Allied Health student scholarships; the expansion of the Savannah Campus; and the construction of a Student Center on the Trenton Campus. Please note both the expansion in Savannah and the construction in Trenton require separate funding for technology and equipment.

How do I know that my investment will be appropriately managed?
Since 1986, the NCMC Foundation Board has managed multiple major gift campaigns including the campaigns that produced the Dr. Albert and Vera Cross Hall for Allied Health and the Elizabeth and Arthur Barton Farm Campus. Board members include trusted community leaders from a variety of area businesses and industries.

What is the NCMC Foundation and its objective?
In accordance with the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of the College, the objective of the Foundation is to advance, encourage, assist and support the growth and development of North Central Missouri College in whatever ways are beneficial to its student body, its faculty, and its administrators. The activities of the Foundation will include sponsorship of sustaining programs and special projects related to the curricula and the real facilities of the College.

Do College and Foundation Board members support this campaign?
To show their commitment and leadership to our region and their investment in NCMC, members from both the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board are serving as key volunteers for the Campaign. Members of both boards have made a financial commitment to the Campaign, and in addition, College employees have made an investment in the future of our region and NCMC by contributing to the Campaign.

What are the economic benefits?
Education is vital to the health, vitality and economy of our region. NCMC is key to improving the regional economy. When individuals prosper, the community and the region is equally prosperous.

Is my Campaign contribution tax-deductible?
Yes! The NCMC Foundation is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. All investments toward the Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. All investors will receive a receipt for tax purposes and are encouraged to consult their tax advisor for complete details.

Will any of my donations go toward campaign costs?
No! One hundred percent of your investment will go to the initiative you select.

Will the Campaign accept multi-year pledges?
Yes! Multi-year pledges (maximum of five years preferred) allow investors to make a more significant impact with their investment than with a one-time cash gift, and to take full advantage of tax savings. Pledges also allow investors additional time to create endowed funds for a permanent legacy.

Can an individual investment of any size really make a difference when the Campaign has such a large goal?
Absolutely! The collective support of many investors and their individual investments, no matter the size, are the key to a successful campaign. Investments of all sizes help NCMC to move forward.

Are there opportunities for named or memorial gifts?
Many opportunities exist for investors to make named gifts or gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one. If you are interested in making a named, memorial or honorary gift, contact Alicia Endicott, Director of Development, at (660) 357-6403.

Will the Campaign accept anonymous investments?
Yes. We would love to recognize your generosity, but all investors’ wishes will be honored. Please consider that the recognition of investors does assist the Campaign by highlighting the wide range of individuals, organizations and companies who are committed to NCMC.

How does the Campaign work with the annual fund, the Voyage Fund?
The annual fund, the Voyage Fund, ensures that NCMC has year-round support for programs. The Transforming Lives, Empowering People Campaign is for specific initiatives that meet the growing needs of the region, and its goals complement those of other fundraising initiatives.

How can I make a gift to the Campaign?
Please complete and return your pledge card to the NCMC Foundation office.

How will investors to the Campaign be recognized?
Depending on the size of the investment, naming/legacy opportunities are available and are included on a separate page in this publication.  Investors can be recognized in many ways; therefore, a committee will be dedicated to working on the most appropriate way/s to honor our investors.

How will investors be kept informed of campaign progress and future uses of money?
News releases, features and articles will be submitted to local and regional media outlets for publication. Campaign information and progress details are available on the Foundation website.

How long is the campaign?
A two-year campaign plan has been developed to expand our reach as an educational center and as a partner in economic growth for our service area.

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Savannah campus

NCMC merged three satellite campuses in the northwest part of its 17-county service region.

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NCMC Foundation is concentrating on the growth of first generation, mid-career student, and allied health scholarships.

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student center

The Dr. Neil & Susanne Nuttall Student Center will enhancement opportunities for our students.

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Invest in the success of our students and the economic development of our region.


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