May 6, 2023Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverChadwick L. Boyd
Store Manager, Trenton Hy-Vee
Catherine Hamilton
Chief Nursing Officer, St. Luke’s Health System
May 7, 2022Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverPhyllis Jackson
Foundation Board Member
Amy Patel, M.D.
Medical Director, Breast Care Center, Liberty
May 8, 2021Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverChris Chinn
Missouri Director of Agriculture
Davin Turner
Chief Medical Officer, Mosaic Life Care
May 9, 2020Saturday9:00 AMVirtualDr. Lenny KlaverPandemic 2020
May 11, 2019Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverMike Thomson
Vice Chairman, Coordinating Board for Higher Education
Steve Schieber
CEO Saint Luke’s Critical Access Hospitals
May 5, 2018Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverJohn “Jay” Ashcroft, J.D.
Missouri Secretary of State
Albert Cross, M.D.
Former Trustee
May 6, 2017Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Lenny KlaverDan Hegeman
State Senator
Dr. Martha Hoffman
Asst. Professor U. of NE
May 7, 2016Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Neil NuttallDr. Neil Nuttall
NCMC President
May 9, 2015Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Neil NuttallRoy Blunt
U.S. Senator
Gary Jordan
CEO, Wright Memorial
May 10, 2014Saturday9:00 AM
1:00 PM
KCCDr. Neil NuttallDavid Russell
Commissioner, Missouri Department of Higher Education
Don Sipes
VP of Regional Services for Saint Luke’s Health System
May 11, 2013Saturday10:00 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallZora Mulligan, J.D.
CEO, MO CC Assoc
May 5, 2012Saturday10:00 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallJudith K. Sabbert
CEO, Heartland Foundation
May 7, 2011Saturday10:00 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallJohn L. Holcomb, O.D.
Board of Trustees Member
May 8, 2010Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallLowell C. Kruse
Chairman, MO Coord. Bd for Higher Ed
May 9, 2009Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallMike Ritze, D.O.
Alumnus/OK State Representative
May 10, 2008Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallBrad Lager
State Senator
May 12, 2007Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallKathryn Swan
May 13, 2006Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallJohn Phillip Hamilton
May 14, 2005Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Neil NuttallFred Holman
May 8, 2004Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteJames Talent
US Senator
May 10, 2003Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteQuentin Wilson
Commissioner DHE
May 11, 2002Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteDavid Klindt
State Senator
May 12, 2001Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteSam Graves
US Congressman
May 6, 2000Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteBetty Preston
Pres, State Bd. Education
May 8, 1999Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteTim Whitaker
Mayor of Trenton
May 9, 1998Saturday10:30 AMKCCDr. Walter NolteDean Hubbard
President NWMSU
May 10, 1997Saturday10:30 AMTHS GymDr. James SelbyJim Selby/
Carol Elliott
May 11, 1996Saturday10:30 AMCF Russell or THS GymDr. James SelbyLloyd Ketcham
May 13, 1995Saturday10:30 AMTHS GymDr. James SelbyCharles McClain
Commissioner CBHE
May 14, 1994Saturday11:00 AMCF Russell or AdamsDr. James SelbyDavid Pierce
President AACC
May 8, 1993Saturday2:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. James SelbyGlen Richardson
May 2, 1992Sunday2:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. James SelbyBeth Wheeler
State Representative
May 3, 1991Friday8:00 PMTHS GymDr. James SelbyBill Manby
Carnation Co.
May 4, 1990Friday8:00 PMTHS GymDr. James SelbyDean Hubbard
President NWMSU
May 5, 1989Friday8:00 PMTHS GymDr. Don GatzkeDavid Doctorian
State Senator
May 6, 1988Friday8:00 PMTHS GymDr. Don GatzkeJohn Ashcroft
May 8, 1987FridayDr. Don GatzkeLarry D. Barnes
May 9, 1986Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Lloyd Ketcham
May 10, 1985Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Bill Stewart
President Kirkwood CC
May 4, 1984Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Stephen Dougherty
Dept. Comm., CBHE
May 13, 1983Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Robert Marshall
May 14, 1982Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Charles McClain
President NEMSU
May 14, 1981Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Robert Webb
Frank Hough
Professor, Graceland
May 16, 1980Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Paul Ricker
William Hopkins
May 1979Dr. Paul Ricker
Norma Lee Browning
May 19, 1978Friday8:00 PMCF Russell or AdamsDr. Paul Ricker
Ralph Kidd
May 1977Dr. Paul Ricker
May 1976Dr. Paul Ricker
May 1975Dr. Wm. K. Ray
May 1974Dr. Wm. K. Ray