Graduate stroll

Commencement will not be moved from the Ketcham Community Center because of inclement weather.  If violent weather is predicted, a decision regarding commencement ceremony will be communicated via local radio stations, utilization of Campus Connection text messaging, and on the NCMC home page.

If the ceremony is not cancelled but violent thunderstorms ensue, participants will be asked to follow Plan B –

Morning Ceremony TimeAfternoon Ceremony
Group/ProcedureViolent Weather Plan
8:15AM12:15PMStudentsLine up on walking track according to staff directions.
8:30AM12:30PMFaculty and Platform PartyPlatform personnel robe in Sugg A.

Faculty robe in Sugg B.
8:50AM12:50PMCommencement march begins in the following order:
Platform personnel
Platform personnel and faculty leave the Sugg Rooms and enter the auditorium through the northwest doorway when the processional music begins.

Faculty Marshals lead the students from the walking track (side-by-side) down the stairs and through the lobby to the northwest auditorium door. Students proceed in to the auditorium and to their seats as directed.

The Procession is now the same as it is for good weather.