NCMC Upward Bound Students Gain Hands-On Career Experience

fintastic year


September 8, 2020

Over the summer, high school Upward Bound students participating in the online summer component created designs for several bulletin boards at Trenton IX Rissler Elementary School. The summer internship students were able to gain hands-on work experience for their career areas of interest.

It was great seeing how each group worked together, virtually, to create these fun bulletin boards,” said Carmen Austin, Upward Bound Program Coordinator. “With some assistance from their Team Leaders, each group came up with a different design according to the measurements they were given and the location. This summer was really about teaching the students to work together in a virtual setting instead of face-to-face, and with this project, they did great!

To learn more about the Upward Bound program, visit us on our website or contact the Upward Bound office at (660) 359-3948 ext. 1353. Upward Bound is 100% federally funded through the U.S. Department of Education.