Adjunct Instructor

Reporting Structure: Reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Designated Faculty Department Chair

Position Summary: Teach a range of classes part time in designated field.

Essential Functions:

  • Advance student learning through exemplary instruction in accordance with the established course syllabus.
  • Model effective oral and written communication that engages the students, provides clarity and improves student learning.
  • Set clear expectations for the course by publishing grading criteria, assignments and examination dates on course syllabus and Blackboard.
  • Ensure the content and level of material included on exams and assignments corresponds to the student learning objectives of the course.
  • Demonstrate consistency and fairness in the preparation and grading of exams and assignments.
  • Provide timely feedback to students.
  • Continuously improve instructional quality by reviewing and utilizing innovative methodologies, instructional technology and distance education to enhance student learning and retention.
  • Maintain student records as required by NCMC.
  • Maintain current knowledge in subject-matter as well as effective teaching and learning strategies.
  • Follow NCMC policies as outlined in the NCMC Adjunct Faculty Handbook.
  • Attend meeting and college functions as required.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:

Education: Instructors teaching general education/transfer areas must hold a Master’s degree in area of assignment, or any Master’s degree with at least 18 hours of graduate courses in area of concentration. Instructors teaching in career/technical areas must hold a Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent professional experience in the field.

Skills: Proven organizational, analytical and time mgmt. skills.  Ability to build relationships and maintain a high degree of confidentiality. Strong verbal, written, and communication skills.

Physical & Environmental

Demands: Moving about between buildings on the NCMC campus; reaching, pulling, and pushing when filing; able to do repetitive tasks; sit at a desk while typing;  standing in a classroom setting for extended periods.  Fluctuations while walking on gravel, concrete and carpeted floors in a heated and air conditioned environment as well as the outside elements.