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Green Hills Women’s Shelter


Work Study Students of the Green Hills Women’s Shelter assist staff in maintaining a safe shelter environment, assist clients in obtaining their established goals, at times fill in for staff, and perform requested duties required of a shelter environment. Applicants must be able to pass required background checks.


  1. Maintaining Shelter Safe House- Completing limited client intake paperwork, ensuring clients adhere to shelter guidelines and procedures, maintain the safety and security of the shelter clients, and ensure shelter clients’ basic food, clothing, and personal hygiene needs are provided.
  2. Hotline-Provide 24-hour crisis hotline telephone access to victims of domestic and sexual violence, provide telephone crisis intervention, safety planning, resource referral, assessment of caller’s immediate needs, and listening to and validation of caller.
  3. Accepting and Distribution of Donation- Communication with staff to become aware of monthly shelter needs, articulations of shelter needs to potential donors, arrange for donations to be received by the shelter while maintaining the safety and security of the shelter location, mailing out thank you letters in a timely manner, work in cooperation with staff and client to distribute donations.
  4. Shelter Staff Support- Completing required forms and records, answering telephone and relaying messages to staff, performing clerical duties, facilitation of life skills classes, and assisting with community presentations and fundraising efforts.