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How do I find books in the NCMC Library?

Use the NCMC Library catalog to find books. On the NCMC Library webpage, the NCMC catalog can be found in two places:

  • Quick Catalog Search
  • Find…Books, Videos , DVD’s

Books can be searched for in several ways. Typing in an author, title, or keyword is the most common way to search. The NCMC Library uses the Dewey Decimal System to organize the books. To find the book on the shelf, use the Dewey number listed in the catalog. For further help, ask a librarian or view the Catalog tutorials.

Search NCMC Library catalog

The book I want isn't in the NCMC Library. How Can I get the book?

If NCMC does not own the book you want, click on Books and EBooks and choose KC Towers Catalog or MOBIUS Catalog.  Academic libraries in the state of Missouri are a part of MOBIUS, a consortium whose members agree to lend books at no cost to patrons.  Since NCMC is part of MOBIUS, you can search on the MOBIUS catalog. When you have ordered the book online, it will be delivered to NCMC. The NCMC Library will email you when the book has arrived, and you can pick it up at the circulation desk. If another academic library is closer to you than NCMC, you can use the option called “Pickup Anywhere.”

Search KC Towers Catalog

Search MOBIUS catalog

What do I need to check out materials at the NCMC Library?

NCMC students need a current picture ID, preferably an NCMC student ID. Community members need a valid driver’s license or a picture ID.

Do you have a printer?

The copy machine is located on the first floor of the library across from the circulation desk. If you are an NCMC student, use your Pirate Card. Copies cost ten cents per sheet, and the cost is deducted from your copy balance. If you are a community member, contact the library staff for assistance.

Do you have earphones?

You may check out earphones at the circulation desk and at the librarian’s desk on the second floor of the NCMC Library.

I have forgotten my Student ID. How can I log on to the computer?

The library staff will log you in with a guest log in.

What topic can I use for my paper/project?

Try to find a topic of interest to you and always discuss your topic with your instructor to be certain it is appropriate for the assignment. If your assignment is a persuasive or argument paper/speech, use the following pro/con databases to help you get started.
Issues and Controversies
Issues and Controversies in American History
SIRS Researcher
Opposing Viewpoints