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Internships are for students, the college and community

alex neal

Internships are beneficial in many ways and not just to students. For the student, an internship can provide real-world experience and help to confirm the career pathway fits the student’s occupational goals. For the college, an internship helps cultivate community relationships with businesses and industries leading to even more opportunities for students and institutional growth. And for industries and business leaders, internships introduce students into their organizations, potentially leading to future employees.

North Central Missouri College offers internships in nearly all of the career and technical, education and associate degrees. Internships can be held in the fields of agriculture, business, criminal justice, computer science and more.

Trenton Police Chief Rex Ross has worked with many interns from NCMC in conjunction with the criminal justice department. “An internship gives a student real world context to a position they are seeking in a field of study.  In law enforcement, this is often times the first exposure to situations that are not passed on as a story or read in a book.  This exposure is sometimes a deal breaker and the student decides to go in another direction, however it can spark the student to immerse themselves even deeper.”

Chief Ross goes on to explain, “For the organization, the internship can be the first step to cultivating a new employee that has already been exposed to the culture of the organization and the personalities of the staff.  It only takes a few days to recognize someone that is a good fit for the organization.  Whether the student in the internship program comes to the organization or not, it is still a great opportunity to promote the organization and elevate the student to succeed.”

Aubrey Nelson, Manager of Loss Prevention, welcomes interns into her department at Worlds of Fun. “When you think of Worlds of Fun, you might think of a fun day in the sun at Kansas City’s famous theme park. Not a lot of people think of the opportunities that are within the organization for internships and job opportunities. Worlds of Fun Security offers internships to all majors, including business.”

“Inside of the Security department, there are opportunities to work in the Communications Dispatch Center where NCMC alumna, Cindy Davis, experienced a summer learning how Worlds of Fun operates on both the business and operations side. The Loss Prevention department gives business majors the opportunity to learn how protect company assets through auditing, fraudulent investigations, and embezzlement investigations.”

Aubrey also interned at Worlds of Fun while she was a student at NCMC and was able to secure employment after graduating. “Not only do these internships give students experience but they also lead to many job opportunities. After two summers of gaining experience in my role as an intern, I was offered a full-time position with the company as the Loss Prevention Manager!”

Students who are interested in adding to their experience and resume with an internship should speak to their academic advisor.