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Virtual Learning

Virtual learning can be challenging. There are steps you can take in order to set yourself up to be successful in your online classes. Follow the tips below and use available student resources found on campus.

1. Set up your Workspace.

Set up a dedicated learning environment – a local coffee shop, your kitchen table, a home office, a library, etc. Regardless of the environment you choose, make sure you have a good internet connection. By repeatedly studying or doing homework in the same environment, you are establishing a routine. Experiment to determine which type of setting boosts your productivity, some students work best with an upbeat music playlist, while others need calm and quiet sounds to concentrate.

2. Make a Schedule.

At the beginning of the semester, check your class syllabus and make note of major assignments. Make a list or mark on your calendar those major assignments and their due dates. Each week, plan when you will complete your assignments. Pick up your free NCMC student planner in the Campus Bookstore to make planning easier.

3. Ask Questions.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, request clarification or seek guidance from other students or the instructor.

At NCMC, all students have access to the Tutoring Center located on the first floor of Geyer Hall. Students can stop in during the week, no appointment needed, to receive help, or make an appointment to meet with a tutor virtually. In addition, papers can be submitted online for review by one of the tutors. For more information about the Tutoring Center, visit the Tutoring Center webpage.

It is likely that during your college career, you will need to do some of your classes or assignments online. Using these three tips, plus all of the resources that NCMC offers for students, you will set yourself up to be successful in the (virtual) classroom.