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The CTE Pathway Is Important to Consider


Author of The CTE Pathway Is Important to Consider

As a high school counselor, I help prepare my students to head into the real world upon graduation. We have many discussions about careers, college, and what life will be like as an adult. While we focus on the academic side of this preparation every day in high school, I also know how important it is for my students to be employable, dependable, and to have the soft skills to navigate working upon graduation. Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides this training for my students in a relevant, tangible way. Students that enter into CTE programs are able to receive hands on, industry-relevant education that will serve them in being a better communicator, problem solver, and critical thinker. I know that CTE will provide my students the knowledge and interactive training necessary to be successful in their careers. These programs teach students how to advocate for themselves, apply their strengths and skills, and work cooperatively with their peers and teammates.

More often than ever, conversations I have with students center around relevant training and the costs of post-secondary education. Students are weary of spending abundant amounts of money or going into debt for an education or training that they are unsure will serve them upon graduation. Since we are lucky enough to have North Central Missouri College in our backyard, it is easy for students to see what a great option a two-year degree or certification may be for them. Students are looking for cost efficiency and a high quality education, and they can get both through our local community college. I am grateful to have such a great option for my students and proud to recommend these programs to them.