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Those wanting to start a social media profile to promote their department, program, office or organization should first fill out Social Media Profile Request form which will be submitted to the Marketing Department. Permission must be granted in order to have an officially recognized social media presence which involves being listed on the social media directory, the use of the College’s name, the ability to use NCMC logos as your profile picture, and cross promotion of your profile on the College’s main social media profiles.

To become an officially recognized social media profile, you must have the approval of your department head, director, or president of your organization, as well as from the Marketing Department. Student organizations must also be an officially recognized student organization. When considering creation of a new social media profile, take an honest inventory of your resources and marketing needs. Interaction is expected on Twitter and Facebook frequently – is this something your staff can manage? Do you have students who can help? Who will oversee this account? Does the type of social media profile you are interested in fit with your brand? (For example, does Pinterest make sense for the audience you are intending to reach?)

When naming your new social media profile, please include at a minimum ‘NCMC’ before your department or organization name, but ideally include ‘North Central Missouri College.’ For example, ‘North Central Missouri College Student Senate,’ or ‘NCMC Student Senate.’ This will enable users to more easily find your fan page or Twitter account among many departments worldwide.


When choosing your administrators on your account, choose carefully. It is important to always have two or more administrators, so that you can maintain access to your account should you have an employee become unavailable. It is important to choose reliable administrators to post on behalf of your department or organization. These administrators should have a solid knowledge of social media, be careful writers and editors, and be committed to the positive promotion of your department/organization and the College as a whole. Social media has the ability to greatly promote or badly damage the image of your department/organization and the College as a whole.


College offices, departments and programs must have at least two administrators on their account, both being full-time faculty or staff members. Megan Pester ([email protected]) can be added as an administrator if a second administrator is needed. See more information below.

Your department, office, program or organization must have:
At least two administrators who are familiar with social media and capable of posting on behalf of your brand. Both administrators must be full-time staff or faculty members.

If your department, office, program or organization does not have two administrators that meet these requirements, you must add Megan Pester as an administrator and provide Megan with the username and password for all other social media accounts for the department. Megan will not be posting for your department as an administrator, but is simply needed in case an inappropriate posting is reported or the primary administrator becomes unavailable or leaves the College. She is not responsible for this account or for posting your promotional items.

Student administrators for departments, offices and programs:  It is permissible to have a student administrator in addition to the full-time staff or faculty member as long as the faculty or staff member reviews their content before posting. If you use a student administrator, is it important to remember to remove their administrator rights when they no longer work in your office, and to add an additional administrator when that happens.

For Twitter and other accounts, this may mean you need to change your password when a student leaves NCMC. If your full-time faculty or staff member leaves employment at the College for any reason, their administrator rights should be removed immediately and the passwords for your accounts need to be changed. The new password will need to be sent to the Marketing Department.

For student organizations: Your student organization advisor must be an administrator on your account and have access to the usernames and passwords for your accounts. When choosing your student administrators, consider having students of different years (i.e., a sophomore and a freshman) so you have some continuity after graduation. Don’t forget to remove administrators who have graduated.


The previous rules do not apply to individual user accounts (i.e., personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts, blogs, etc.) unless:
Your identification on said account is tied to your position title. For example, if Megan’s Twitter account was @NCMCmarketing. In this case, the account belongs to the College and the successors in such office, and your office and the Marketing Department needs a record of the username and password information for these accounts. Because you are using your position title as your identifying name, you are representing the College with this account and therefore are subject to compliance with all College policies. Think carefully when choosing your username because of this guideline.


As a department, office, program or organization, your content reflects on not just your area, but the College as a whole. As such:
Content should not be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing on intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to any person or entity. Such content may be removed by the Marketing Department administrators or required to be removed by the account’s administrators, with or without department, office, program or organization permission. You are responsible for maintaining and policing your own page.

No confidential information about or of the College or your department should be posted. See North Central Missouri College’s confidentiality policy.

Content should not violate FERPA, HIPAA, or harassment policies held by the College (as outlined in the employee handbooks).

A disclaimer should exist on your organization’s profile that you are not posting on behalf of the College. The disclaimer should read “The views expressed on this (website/Facebook page/blog etc.) do not necessarily represent the views held of North Central Missouri College and are not posted on behalf of NCMC.” On Facebook, this disclaimer should be in your ‘about’ section. For Twitter, use the phrase: “The views represented here do not necessarily represent those of North Central Missouri College” within the “About” section.

Note: Once given approval to launch your social media profile, you will need to notify Megan Pester that your social media profile is live.