North Central Missouri College is spotlighted in the feature article of the April issue of Business View magazine for being selected as “Best of 2024, Best Managed Colleges .” NCMC was chosen for its leadership, resilience, growth, and commitment to student success.

“North Central Missouri College (NCMC) catalyzes opportunity and transformation in the heartland of Missouri. Under the forward-thinking leadership of Lenny Klaver, President, NCMC has exemplified resilience and growth. From its humble beginnings as Trenton Junior College, NCMC’s journey embodies the spirit of progress and commitment to student success.”

NCMC’s focus is on student success and uncommon attention,” said Dr. Lenny Klaver. “Our growth depends on providing our students with affordable, accessible, and quality education while committing to fiscal responsibility. We listen to student and industry needs and provide flexible paths to achieve educational attainment.”

The article highlights the high accolades of NCMC, including student success, enrollment growth, campus expansion, responsiveness to market demands and industry trends, and community engagement.

“As NCMC embarks on this transformational journey, it remains guided by a shared purpose—a commitment to empowering individuals, transforming communities, and creating futures filled with boundless opportunities. With innovation as its compass and collaboration as its cornerstone, NCMC is poised to realize its vision of becoming a catalyst for positive change in the region and beyond.”

Learn more about North Central Missouri College’s educational opportunities or contact NCMC at 1-660-359-3948.

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