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NCMC Outstanding A+ Scholarships Awarded


February 28, 2022

Outstanding A+ Students
Outstanding A+ Students
(L to R) Gracey Gordon, Jenna Cotter, Caragan Baker, and Ethan Hoerr.
A+ Program

The North Central Missouri College Founded recently awarded the Jack N. Young, Mildred M. Young, Noble J. Young & Myra A. Young Outstanding A+ Student Scholarship to four NCMC students. Selected were Caragan Baker from Gallatin, MO, Jenna Cotter from St. Joseph, MO, Gracey Gordon from Green City, MO, and Ethan Hoerr from Hale, MO.

Dr. Kristen Alley, Vice President of Student Affairs, said, “The A+ program is an incredible program that builds on a great foundation the students have established in high school. It’s been exciting to watch these students continue to grow, learn, and excel at NCMC. These students will be able to graduate with a 2-year degree, not having to pay tuition or general fees. Through the A+ scholarship, as well as their tenacity and demonstrated hard work, these students have an excellent start to achieving their goals and exemplify the true value of the A+ program.”

Candidates were selected based on grade point average, fall course load, 100% completion rate, campus club/activity involvement, instructor recommendation, and confirmed spring enrollment. Dr. Kristen Alley said, “The selection process was arduous due to the number of qualified students. The four students selected are truly outstanding and excellent representatives of the A+ program. We are delighted to honor Jenna, Caragan, Ethan, and Gracey and recognize their scholarly efforts.”

Caragan Baker said, “I choose to attend NCMC because it gave me the opportunity to have a debt-free college experience, be close to home, and continue my softball career. It’s an excellent opportunity for students going to college that wants to have a great opportunity while remaining cost-effective. This program gives so many kids the opportunity to attend college that may not be able to without the assistance of this program. I believe that the A+ scholarship program is important for college students because it lets them experience college life without the financial stress. I know personally, I worry about my finances a lot, but with A+, I am able to take the college classes that I desire without worrying about the cost.”

Jenna Cotter said, “When I heard about A+, I had either already met most of the requirements, or they seemed easily attainable to me, so there was no reason not to. I think it’s really important for college students to have A+ because not only does it help lower student loans they may be taking out, but also help to keep them on track with schoolwork to be able to maintain it.”

Gracey Gordon said, “I choose NCMC because it is close to home, affordable, and it is the perfect place to start. The smaller campus and class sizes make NCMC feel like a family. The A+ scholarship was a terrific opportunity for students wanting to attend college in the future. Not to mention, as I got older and talked about paying for college, the A+ program was a great choice for me. I think that the A+ scholarship is important for college students because it allows us to start out financially on the right foot.”

Ethan Hoerr said, “When in high school, I was encouraged to do the A+ scholarship program by friends and family. It was a way to help with college, and I am all for that type of help. It also added competition in my life, knowing I had the ability to complete it, so why not. The A+ program is important for college students because it takes a huge weight off the student’s shoulders for your whole first years. The A+ program has tremendously helped me know, and so when I work now and save money, I will be able to graduate from Trenton and transfer to my next college with enough money to pay for it without any student debt! If you’re hesitant, don’t be. It may seem like some work now in high school, but it is the easiest work you can do for yourself now. Once you get in college, you will have to work twice as hard to pay for books and for your expenses towards living. The A+ scholarship will pay for classes in your first two years! Working hard in high school now pays off in the future, and if you put your mind to it, you can live debt-free and still have fun like I do while getting your degree!”

The NCMC Foundation is a 501c (3) IRS-approved organization that raises funds through different campaigns. Scholarship investments through the NCMC Foundation give students a chance to develop as a student, an individual, and a member of the community. The NCMC Foundation works with North Central Missouri College to help transform lives and empower people. For more information on the NCMC Foundation, please contact Alicia Endicott at (660) 357-6403 or [email protected].