NCMC To A Degree: NCMC Foreign Film Club

By Eric Christopherson, Mathematics Faculty


February 19, 2021

Christopherson, Eric

Photo: Eric Christopherson, Mathematics Faculty

North Central Missouri College has recently made an effort to revitalize the arts scene in the Trenton and surrounding communities. Arts have a long history of bringing people together, increasing understanding among different groups and cultures, and creating opportunities for opening dialogue. Putting art at the heart of the community enhances the lives of its members by inspiring people to imagine a vibrant future, to remind us all we are creative beings, and reminding us we are all connected. To further this effort, with the support of Dr. Klaver, we have created the Foreign Film Series, an exciting new experience to NCMC.

Filmmaking is an art, a visual way of storytelling, crafting unique tales that can sometimes only be told on screen. Film is a powerful tool for learning about other cultures and intercultural interaction. Film speaks to our emotions as well as our intellect. By experiencing culture with our eyes and ears, we develop a deeper understanding, a deeper respect for the world around us.

The Foreign Film Series is a monthly meeting of film fans and non-film fans, of anyone wanting to engage in dialogue, of anyone wanting to have an enjoyable evening. After the viewing, we will lead a discussion of the film: what we like, what we don’t, our interpretations, and our overall thoughts. All viewpoints are encouraged and welcomed.

Each semester we will explore a theme: originals that inspired remakes, death and the afterlife, fantasy and supernatural, road movies, and more. By exploring a singular theme, we can see how different countries and different cultures view similar concepts, and connect our discussion from month to month. We hope everyone will join us on the fun and exciting journey, the last Thursday of each month in Cross Hall 208 at 6:30 PM.