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NCMC To A Degree: NCMC Foundation

Author: Alicia Endicott, Director of Development


November 24, 2021

Alicia Endicott

Photo: Alicia Endicott, Director of Development

Support comes in many forms; emotional, informational, affirmational, environmental and tangible. Having strong support around you can lead to wonderful things.  We realize now more than ever who we can lean on when support is needed most.

The North Central Missouri College Foundation has supported NCMC since 1986 in many ways.  However, that support would not be possible without the hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations who have given to invest in projects, campaigns and students.  I thank all of you for your dedication to NCMC.

The Foundation’s on going Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign is a support system for NCMC students with the financial side of attending college through scholarships.  Since 2013, Gifts in Action has helped to support the education of tomorrow’s leaders by contributing to the growth of endowed scholarship funds to over $5 million.

Every donation to Gifts in Action makes a difference in the lives of NCMC students and their appreciation is expressed in the thank you letters they write. Hannah D. from Pattonsburg shares, “I would like to thank you for choosing me as a recipient of the NCMC Knowledge Scholarship. I am thrilled to receive this award and appreciate the generosity of the NCMC Foundation. I’m so glad I chose to further my education at NCMC, not only for the quality education and flexibility, but also for the many opportunities to receive financial assistance.  I tell all my friends and family about NCMC and encourage them to attend.  I’ve had some amazing professors who have made a lasting impact on my life.”

Gifts in Action continue to be a growing need as NCMC continues to grow.  The Foundation has been blessed with investors over the past year who committed their support with the creation of 5 new scholarships;

Edward & Betty Hatcher Scholarship
John Kuttler Agriculture Scholarship
Don & Letha Mack Woodard Scholarship
Russ & Elna Derry Scholarship
Hedrick Medical Center & Wright Memorial Hospital Scholarship

A complete list of all NCMC Foundation scholarships can be found at

By creating a scholarship now, donors can realize their investment in NCMC students within 12 months.  Jennifer E. from Albany is another example of how important scholarships are, “I am so thankful for this scholarship.  It really helps me to afford to go back to school.  I have previously earned my law degree and, as such, I have already used all the federal student loans for which I am eligible.  That means that I am paying all my educational expenses out of pocket for my nursing degree.  This scholarship will make it so much easier for me to return to school and eases my mind that my goals will be possible to achieve.”

Investing in the NCMC Foundation Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign ensures NCMC students have the support needed to accomplish their goals.  The NCMC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

I invite those with questions about the NCMC Foundation, starting a scholarship or other ways to invest or support NCMC to contact me (660) 357-6403 or [email protected].