March Madness, where sweat and determination define moments of destiny – I’m not referring to the NCAA basketball tournament. Instead, I’m highlighting the academic intensity our students experience each March – from navigating exams and projects to competing against the clock to finish the academic year on a high note. Just as arenas buzz with anticipation during March Madness games, NCMC is charged with the energy of approaching deadlines. The library echoes with students determined to excel, showcasing their talents through critical thinking, problem-solving, and presentations.

Enter Student Support Services (SSS), your ally in conquering the academic March Madness. Our commitment is to ensure students thrive during this intense period through tutoring, advising, and individualized support.

SSS offers two avenues for tutoring. Students can drop in during lab hours and benefit from the expertise of our highly knowledgeable professional and peer tutors. Additionally, our newest service,, provides an online lifeline: a 24/7 tutoring service connecting students with knowledgeable professionals at any time of day.

But that’s not all. SSS extends support beyond tutoring. Our team provides invaluable academic, career, and transfer advising, lightening the load and guiding students on the journey toward a college degree. Whether through in-person transfer visits or facilitated online appointments, our advisors are here to help.

To foster collaboration, SSS offers a dedicated space for students to gather with peers, including a computer lab and printer access. And because we understand the practicalities of student life, we provide equipment loans and the opportunity to apply for SSS scholarships. This small yet impactful detail eases the academic journey.

In this season of academic intensity, let SSS be your companion, ensuring you not only endure but triumph in the March to Success.

SSS is located in Geyer Hall, Room 103. Applications are still open and have limited availability.
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Student Support Services (SSS) is 100% funded by a grant of $306,511 per year from the U.S. Department of Education.

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