October To A Degree: NCMC Tutoring Center

October To A Degree: NCMC Tutoring Center


October 21, 2019

October To A Degree: NCMC Tutoring Center

The NCMC Tutoring Center is the place where students can go and know that they can find tutoring assistance and guidance for their assignments.  You might ask, how could the tutors know how to help with each subject offered at NCMC?  The answer lies in the quality peer tutors and professional tutors who staff the Tutoring Center.  The peer tutors are students who have taken classes in that particular subject and excelled in those classes.  The professional tutors are graduates from NCMC who are now employed in the Tutoring Center. 

The Tutoring Center has been remodeled and redesigned to meet the needs of our students.  There are separate areas for quiet study, white board activity, online tutoring, and peer tutoring.  At any given time when a student comes into the Tutoring Center there could be five or more tutors spread out through the Center working on five different subjects.

Jayne Meservey, Tutoring Center Coordinator, is always working to ensure that each student who is welcomed into the Tutoring Center receives quality help. Ms. Meservey is an NCMC graduate, and also continues to take classes, so that she not only tutors students, but also understands exactly how to teach the peer tutors to best serve the needs of our students and faculty.

The students enrolled in online classes are able to receive individualized online tutoring also.  This is achieved through a computer program, Blackboard Collaborate, and involves the tutor and the student working at the same time in different locations viewing each other’s computers. 

Often times it is difficult for students to ask for help.  Ms. Meservey ensures that each student at NCMC knows about the services offered in the Tutoring Center.  She personally visits numerous classes at the beginning of each semester and presents a “commercial” to the students.  The hardest part about asking for help is simply walking through the doors of the Tutoring Center.  After that, the students find that they have found a safe and welcoming place to study and get the help they need.

Would you like to visit our NCMC Tutoring Center?  Feel free to come to Geyer Hall on the first floor, within the Learning Commons to observe students who are learning, collaboration between peer tutors, and student success stories.

Photo: Dr. Beth Caldarello, Director of Library Services is the author of NCMC’s To A Degree for October.