NCMC Employee Awards Presented

NCMC Employee Awards Presented

Multiple awards were presented at the annual faculty/staff recognition ceremony recently held at North Central Missouri College.

Alan Barnett, Chief Information Officer and Dr. Beverly Hooker, Head Start Director, were given praise and recognition for their years of service and retirement from NCMC. Both Alan and Dr. Hooker were awarded Emeritus status upon retirement.  

Also recognized were those who earned advanced education degrees Katherine Tabbert, Associate in Applied Science from NCMC. In other employee accomplishments, Jenni Croy for being inducted into the MIAA Hall of Fame, Mitch Holder for graduating from the MCCA Leadership Academy, Dr. Susan Stull for being selected to teach in China this summer, Megan Pester for serving on the Higher Education Panel for the Meta Majors concept, Kimberly Meeker for being selected for the MASFAP Leadership Development Program and to serve on the board, and Jeremy Esry for being selected as the NJCAA Coach of the Year. The following employees were also recognized for being selected as Outstanding Employees of the month: Whitney Bingham, Chris Flowers, Megan Miller, Randy Young, Linda Cowling, Sara Van Dyke, Stan Scott, Rickiann Hoskins, Amy Currie, and Sharalyn Robinson. 

Members of the NCMC family were recognized with years of service awards.  The following employees for recognized for five years of service: Vel Westbrook, Tricia Key, Megan Pester, Dr. Sharon Weiser, Jayne Meservey, Deanna Scoggie, Tocarra Williams, and Lisa Schilling. For ten years of service, the following employees were recognized: Whitney Trump and Ronda Copple. For fifteen years of searvice Dr. Susan Stull and Sarah Bird were recognized. Also recognized, was Beth Crawford for twenty years of service at North Central Missouri College.

Three faculty members were recognized for their award of tenure status Stan Scott, Jenna Vandel, and Vel Westbrook.

Jeffrey Grell, Science Instructor was awarded the NCMC Spirit Award. The NCMC Spirit Award recognizes an employee that has demonstrated great morale and positive attitude. The recipient is selected based on their overall NCMC spirit, enthusiasm, involvement, encouragement toward others, helpfulness, and optimistic outlook.

The Shipley Excellence in Assessment Award was presented to the Nursing Faculty. This award recognizes an individual or department that has accomplished meaningful assessment to improve student learning or services and is named in honor of NCMC Professor Emeritus Melody Shipley.

A new award this year was the Diversity and Inclusion Award. The Diversity and Inclusion Award is an acknowledgment bestowed upon an individual who actively promotes inclusive excellence. This person contributes to and enhances the environment of North Central Missouri College through a sustained commitment to maintain and improve opportunities for the diverse communities we serve. The Diversity and Inclusion Award was presented to Shellee Castanada, Library Assistant.

Faculty member Corey Cooksey, Computer Science Instructor, was announced as this year’s NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award winner. The NISOD award is a national honor that is given to a faculty member that demonstrates a clear vision of teaching, substantial contribution to the improvement of teaching methods and curriculum, captivating presenter, leader, responsible, and expert in their field.

In other NISOD Excellence categories for staff, the following employees were recognized for their excellence: Kristi Cutsinger for Academic Support, Kristie Cross for Student Affairs, Tami Campbell for Information Technology, and Randy Young for Business and Facilities.

In another new category, Jamee Scearce was awarded the Outstanding Student Employee award for this year. The Outstanding Student employee award is given annually to one NCMC student employee who has gone about and beyond their position requirements while maintaining a positive attitude and demeanor. This individual represents what it is to be a professional, hard-working, and reliable student employee.

Kristie Cross, Admissions Director, was awarded the Outstanding Employee Top Sail Award. The Top Sail recipient is given once annually to an individual that has significantly helped NCMC become a better place through their leadership, performance, attitude, and accomplishments. Employees are nominated by other employees and selected by the president and respected presidents of each group (AMP, classified, faculty, students).

This year’s Brown-Pushkarsky Award winner, selected by members of the student body, was faculty member Brittany Page, English Instructor. The Brown-Pushkarsky Award, named in honor of NCMC Professors Emeritus Tom Brown and Louis Pushkarsky, recognizes an instructor who best exemplifies their dedication to teaching.

The Allnutt Award was presented to Cindy Peterie, Admissions Representative.  The Allnutt Award is named in honor of staff member Lee Ann Allnutt. This award is designated for a staff member who has provided exemplary service to students; it is also chosen by the student body.

The student body also presented the Nowland Excellent Student Organization Advisor. This award is presented to an individual that provides leadership, growth, and commitment to the student organization they advise. This year’s recipient was given to two Co-Advisors of the Phi Mu Epsilon student organization Shellee Castanada, Library Assistant and Ronna Owens, Library Assistant. This award is named in honor of retired faculty member David Nowland.

The photos are labeled on Flickr according the award the received, below are the names of the individuals from left to right.

Five year service awards: Jayne Meservey, Sharon Weiser, Tricia Key, Tocarra Williams, and Lisa Schilling. (Separate photo for Vel Westbrook). Not pictured is Megan Pester, Deanna Scroggie

Ten year service awards: Whitney Trump and Ronda Copple

Fifteen year service award: Susan Stull

Tenure awards: Stan Scott, Jenna Vandel (Separate photo for Vel Westbrook)

The Shipley Excellence in Assessment award: Korynn Skipper, Kelly Claycomb, Lisa Schilling, Jamie Pittman, Sue Nichols

Diversity and Inclusion Award: Shellee Castanada

The NISOD Excellence in Teaching award: Corey Cooksey

The NISOD Excellence Award for Academic Support: Kristi Cutsinger

The NISOD Excellence Award for IT: Tami Campbell

The NISOD Excellence Award for Student Affairs: Kristie Cross

The NISOD Excellence Award for Business and Facilities: Randy Young

The Outstanding Student Employee Award: Jamee Scearce

The Top Sail award: Kristie Cross

The Allnutt award: Cindy Peterie

The Brown-Pushkarsky award: Brittany Page

The Nowland award: Shellee Castanada, not pictured Ronna Owens

Photos can be found on the following link: 2019 employee awards