North Central Missouri College Student Loan Default Rates Continue to Decline

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North Central Missouri College Student Loan Default Rates Continue to Decline

October 2, 2018

North Central Missouri College’s Financial Aid Department continues to help students better understand student loans and help them make smart financial decisions. NCMC, again, showed a decline in the Cohort Default Rate (CDR). CDR is the percentage of a school’s student loan borrowers who began paying on specific federal loans and defaulted within three years. 
North Central Missouri College’s most recent Cohort Default Rate is at 13.8%, which is 2.5% points lower than the previous year and three percentage points less than the national average for community colleges. With this rate, NCMC continues to remain in good standing with their CDR.
All qualified higher education institutions that distribute federal loans receive a CDR percentage. Institutions can face sanctions and can lose their eligibility to participate in federal aid programs if they have high default rates year after year.  According to the Department of Education, this year, twelve schools are subject to sanctions. 
“The CDR is something to which we pay close attention,” said Dr. Kristen Alley, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs. “We see the CDR as an indicator of the success of our students and their ability to utilize their education to become gainfully employed and repay student loans.”  Dr. Alley goes on to state, “We are encouraged to see the downward trend, and by focusing on providing a quality education while keeping tuition low, we will continue to see our students graduate with less debt and added momentum as they enter the job market.”  
The NCMC Financial Aid Department diligently educates students about borrowing and student loan repayment. For their efforts, NCMC’s CDR has continually declined the past four years a 4.94% points. 
“Although we know that the CDR is impacted by several factors and can vary from year to year, we are excited to see the downward trend,” stated Sarah Williamson, Associate Director of Financial Aid.
To learn more about the CDR rate at North Central Missouri College or information about smart borrowing and federal loan default prevention, visit or contact Sarah Williamson, Associate Director of Financial Aid at 660-359-3948 x1417.


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