To A Degree- We Can All Learn from Psychology


March 28, 2018

To A Degree- We Can All Learn from Psychology

There are probably a thousand reasons to study psychology. One stands out – it’s fascinating! Psychology courses look at important questions such as why do people act the way they do? How do we learn and change throughout our lives? How does culture influence our behavior? What motivates us? How do we learn? What contributes to the development of psychological disorders? If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the human mind you should consider studying psychology. Psychology courses at NCMC help lay the foundation for those interested in a psychology career. The information and skills learned also benefit students from many other degree programs.

The Psychology Department at NCMC offers a range of courses to students. General Psychology is the most frequently taken course from the Psychology Department and is a great place to start. The course is offered fall, spring, and summer semesters in both online and on-ground formats. Besides meeting the Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement for many degree programs, the course content is important. For example, this course teaches students about human development, motivation, memory, learning theory, stress and stress reduction, personality, emotions, language and communication, social interactions, and decision-making. A General Psychology student commented, “I had no idea there was so much you could learn about the human mind. This class helped me learn why humans do what they do.”

Once students have successfully completed General Psychology, there are several additional psychology options at NCMC. Human Growth and Development is a popular choice for students interested in learning more about how humans develop across the lifespan. Child Psychology is a course that focuses on psychological basis of child growth and development, with emphasis on the emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of childhood. This is a common choice among those interested in working with children. Social Psychology focuses on how individual behavior is impacted by societal influences. Abnormal Psychology discusses psychological disorders and treatments. It is an ideal course for anyone interested in working in the health professions, although certainly not limited to only those students. Several of these courses are offered on the Trenton campus, online, and at the North Belt Center. See the NCMC course schedule for availability each semester.

Overall, the Psychology Department at NCMC has several options available for students at NCMC, whether or not they plan to pursue a career in psychology. If you have any questions about the psychology courses, please contact Dr. Lindsay Oram at

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