Course Withdrawal

Courses dropped after the Add/Drop deadline are considered withdrawals and full tuition and fees are charged to the student. Course withdrawals may be made during the term prior to the Final Withdrawal Deadline, as published in the Academic Calendar on the NCMC website and in the Student Planner. For off-schedule classes, contact the Registrar for withdrawal deadlines (email: [email protected]). Although students are financially obligated to pay for withdrawn courses, a grade will not be earned and a “W” will be recorded on the permanent record. Notifying an instructor, advisor or simply not attending class is not sufficient to ensure withdrawal from a class. Students may withdraw by doing one of the following by the withdrawal deadline:

  1. Complete the withdrawal card, available at the Information Desk in the Alexander Student Center.
  2. Email the request to [email protected] from the student pirate mail account
  3. Send a signed, written request to the Registrar’s Office

A verified withdrawal, prior to the published withdrawal deadline, is always the student’s responsibility. Withdrawals may be verified by viewing the transcript, available through the student’s online myCOMPASS account.