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NCMC considers the “transferability” between colleges and universities as a matter of considerable importance and practice. NCMC also believes the relationships among academic disciplines and between levels of coursework require clear understandings about content and purpose so that students may make progress toward their educational objectives without unnecessary disruption or duplication of coursework.

An articulation agreement is a formal arrangement for transfer of a defined set of academic credits between an academic program at NCMC and a program at another college or university. Transfer guidelines facilitate cooperation between colleges and universities for the purpose of accommodating the needs and interests of students who earn credit at one institution and choose to transfer to another. Successful transfer minimizes loss of time and duplication for students and optimizes the use of institutional resources. NCMC transfer policies recognize that each college and university has a separate and distinct mission and that each has the responsibility to establish and maintain academic quality within that mission. Underlying the policy is an attitude of mutual respect and cooperation among the institutions and recognition that the primary objective of articulation agreements is to benefit students.

North Central Missouri College maintains a list of established articulation agreements with other institutions for the transfer of the Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts in Teaching, and Associate in Applied Science degrees, available on the NCMC website.


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