Residential Student Halls Closing


Date of release: March 17, 2020

Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, students are being asked to vacate the residence halls for the remainder of the semester.

Move-out dates will be March 19th– March 27th between 10AM-6PM.

Please read the directions below so you are aware of what you need to do and precautions that are being taken:
  • If you live in a room with an even number, ex. 122, please plan to move out during an even day, for example, March 20th.  Rooms with odd numbers should move out on odd numbered dates, ex. Residents of 121 should move out on March 21st, March 23rd, and so on.   We are not strictly monitoring this, but encouraging it to limit contact.
  • Please limit the number of people you bring to help you, again, so we can keep the number of people that come into contact with others low.
  • We are utilizing Express Check-out.  Envelopes and instructions will be taped to the back of your room door.  Please follow those instructions and place your key in the envelope provided.
  • If you are unable to travel due to extreme extenuating circumstances, contact the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Alley, at [email protected] or call at (660)359-3948 ext. 1400 by March 25th.   For other questions or concerns, contact Brandon Gossett (Ellsworth, [email protected], (660)359-3948, ext. 1470), Sara Van Dyke (Selby, [email protected], (660)359-3948, ext. 1480) or Donnie Hillerman ([email protected], (660)359-3948, ext. 1412).

We understand this is not how you expected your time in the residence halls to end.  It’s not what we expected either and we regret not being able to give you a proper good-bye!  However, please know we will miss you and wish you the all the best as you finish classes online.  We will, of course, pro-rate your room and board.  Please check your student account for updates in April.

Thank you, safe travels, and be healthy, Pirates!!!