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SMSTA Students Attend State Convention


December 20, 2021

SMSTA Students Attend State Convention

Photo: (L to R) Ashley Johnson, Savanna Linhart, Noah Hudson, Aubrey Burns, Carli Beck, Lexi Bowyer and Instructor Cassie Cordray

Six North Central Missouri College education students attended the MSTA (Missouri State Teacher Association) state convention held in Columbia, Missouri, where over 70 college students from across the state attended. In attendance from North Central Missouri College was Carli Beck from Gallatin, MO; Lexi Bowyer from Meadville, MO; Aubrey Burns from Gallatin, MO; Noah Hudson from Maysville, MO; Ashley Johnson from Trenton, MO; and Savanna Linhart from Milan, MO.

SMSTA students met in small groups to discuss issues they face as college students and what they look forward to in their careers. “Being able to attend this conference in-person with six pre-service teachers was a very memorable experience,” said Cassie Cordray, NCMC Education Instructor and SMSTA sponsor. “Our students had the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in the field, they learned information they can apply to their future classrooms, and it increased their confidence and motivation as they continue their journeys to become certified teachers.”

Darbie Valenti Huff was the keynote presenter. Darbie is the 2016 Missouri Teacher of the Year. Her teaching experience spans third through eighth grades, along with serving as an adjunct professor for her alma mater. She has dedicated a majority of her career to serving in rural schools, such as North Andrew, King City, and Savannah, as well as spending three years in the St. Joseph School District.

The 2022 Student MSTA State Ambassadors were elected. Brady O’Neill, Jordan Merli, and Paisley Thompson from Southeast Missouri State University, and Carli Beck from North Central Missouri College will plan and lead the SMSTA meeting in 2022. Cassie Cordray went on to say, “Carli is a great leader on our campus. She will be an asset to the State SMSTA Ambassador team. She will bring new ideas to the table, and she will be a great voice for future teachers.”

The Missouri State Teachers Association is the leading education association serving Missouri educators since 1856. MSTA headquarters is in Columbia, Missouri.

To learn more about the education program at North Central Missouri College, visit or contact Instructor Cordray at (660) 359-3948.