Student in focus


This is my second semester at NCMC, as well as a participant of SSS services offered through the TRIO program. I am a non-traditional student and was not sure how I could go to school full time and still manage my responsibilities at home for my family. The TRIO program has helped me and my family in several ways. First and foremost, I feel that the added support from the office staff has been wonderful! They all are very nice and have listened to me vent on the hard days. TRIO has helped me financially with scholarships and helped me find resources when me and my children were homeless. I have mostly used the study lab to come in and work on schoolwork when I could not find a quiet place to study. I have taken advantage of the free printing as well as used the tutoring services. Another thing I like about the TRIO program is knowing the other students in there come from similar circumstances or are also overcoming hardships to continue toward their goals. Being an older non-traditional student with a family, it is nice to make those connections with other students, most of whom I have met in the SSS lab. I am very thankful for this program and I would recommend it to others. I cannot think of anything better that could be done. TRIO at NCMC rocks!


The TRIO Student Support Services helped me pursue my higher education by providing a space where I am welcome as soon as I walk through the door. There is no judgment on why I am there, and everything is kept confidential so information cannot be leaked out. Having tutors readily available to help on tricky subjects has been a lifesaver for me. As I work through my difficult classes, I am glad that this service is available. Another upside is that you are not having to fight the entire campus to get help, but instead it is a small portion of the entire population that is receiving help. Becoming a part of the SSS is an awesome experience because you have so much pressure taken from your shoulders that might have been there before. Class schedules become easier to make, and you are constantly reminded of upcoming deadlines and events.


TRIO Student Support Service has helped me pursue my higher education by providing me with useful tools, like having people in the lab always ready to help me when I need it. If I am struggling with homework, I know I can rely on John because he is a math guru. If I have questions about classes or scholarships, I know Stacey will find a way to help me. She always asks me how everything is going and how my day is going. All the staff help make a great SSS team, the students would not be where they are without the staffs’ help. You guys have created a great environment for people to be in and I truly love it and am thankful. I feel like scholarships have helped me a lot, especially the Treasure Chest scholarship, I was so happy and thankful I won that. I am always up to date when scholarships are getting handed out and when to apply for them. I also enjoyed the workshops; I feel like I learned about new lessons and skills that I will be using soon. For students considering applying for SSS, I would because you will meet some great individuals who are willing to help you get to your next college financially and whole-heartedly.