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Students who are experiencing unforeseen situations that interfere with their ability to attend school can apply for an emergency loan through the Perry Student Emergency Loan fund

Students who meet eligibility requirements can receive a maximum loan of $500

How do emergency loans work?

Emergency loans are interest-free, short-term loans available to NCMC students enrolled and attending in the current semester. The purpose of the loan is to finance emergency expenses for students for which resources are temporarily unavailable, unforeseen, and interfere with their ability to attend school. Loans will not be approved for tuition, fees or testing/certification expenses, as these are planned expenses. Students who meet ALL eligibility criteria may borrow a maximum of $500 per semester, with a $10 service charge per loan

Loan applicants must submit an application to the Vice President of Student Affairs, located in the Alexander Student Center.  Applications are available on the NCMC website or by calling the Student Services Coordinator at 660-357-6418

What is the criteria for obtaining a loan?

  • You must be currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at the time of application for the loan, AND
  • You must not have any holds on your NCMC account, AND
    • If you borrowed an emergency loan previously, you must have repaid the loan(s) on time
    •  If you have acquired two late payments, you are no longer eligible for emergency loans
  • Loan applications WILL NOT be accepted 30 days before the end of the semester
  • Only one (1) emergency loan will be approved per semester, regardless of circumstances

What do I need to obtain a loan?

You will need to submit a loan application. The loan application asks you to describe the unforeseen incident and how it interferes with your ability to attend schools. Please note that tuition and fees are not considered unforeseen. You will also need to provide contact information for two (2) references.

What happens if I am approved for a loan?

  • Provide a copy of your driver’s license or other state-issued ID
  • Sign/Return a promissory note that outlines the conditions and repayment requirements of the loan
  • After an ID and promissory note has been supplied, a check will be made available to qualifying students. Any financial aid credited to a student’s account will first be applied toward all tuition and fees, then any on-campus housing charges. Any remaining balance will be applied toward an outstanding emergency loan, even if the loan is not yet due

What do I need to know about paying back the loan?

Loans must paid back within sixty (60) calendar days.  If you are not able to pay your loan back by the due date, you must contact the NCMC Business Office at least ten (10) prior to the due date, to see if any additional arrangements can be made

  • If you pay your loan back on or before the original due date, or the agreed-upon due date, the payment will be considered on time
  • If the loan is not paid by the due date, it will be considered late and a hold will be placed on the student’s account, affecting registration and transcript access
  • Please note that collection procedures may be implemented to collect on a past due loan and the student will be responsible for all collections costs

We strongly recommend that you pay back emergency loans in person at the NCMC cashier window, located in the Alexander Student Building. If you mail a payment, it is recommended that you do this 4-5 business days in advance of the deadline, in order to allow processing time. Payments received or that post after the deadline will be considered past due.

Emergency loans have been made available due to the generosity of W.W. “Pete” and Dolores Peery.