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NCMC Posting Policy

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3.8.0 Posting Policy: NCMC is committed to creating a campus which supports the educational mission of the College, provides a campus culture conducive to learning, and is free from obscene materials and hostile environments. Members of the College community are allowed to publicize their events in designated areas, with prior permission from the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office. The form and content of the publicity will be restricted if it is libelous, obscene, incites riot or other unlawful action. Postings should follow relevant procedures and contain the name of the organization or department, and if applicable event date, time, and location. Postings should also conform to local, state, and federal laws. Procedures: All postings must follow the established guidelines. The posting and/or distribution of signs, handbills and flyers in buildings at North Central Missouri College will be limited to students, registered student groups and official units of the College. Business and profit organizations will be allowed to post information on public bulletin boards in academic buildings and in the Ketcham Community Center only, with prior approval. Posters advertising non‐College sponsored events must be of general interest to the College community and sponsored by not‐for‐profit organizations. Regulations Any and all items for general posting must be approved by the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office. The approval process requires a minimum of 2 business days for review and approval. To receive approval, email a copy of the posting or send the original to the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office. If approved, a stamped original will be returned to the appropriate party. All postings must have stamped approval. Postings inside the residence halls require approval from the Residence Life Office. Postings in classrooms and/or on boards assigned to departments need Department Chair approval. Posters and flyers must not exceed 14″x 22″ in size. Signs exceeding the limit must have special permission from the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office for posting. The name of the sponsoring group or unit must appear on the flyer or sign and if applicable, include the event date, time and location. Signs, posters, flyers, etc., should be posted for a period not exceeding two weeks. Signs maybe posted in areas designed for posters (i.e. bulletin boards designated for general use or kiosks). Posters and flyers may not be attached to windows, doors, walls, floors, trees, or any other part of the College grounds. A limit of 10 posters may be posted throughout campus and posting over or removing existing material is prohibited, unless it is past the advertised date. Banners and lawn signs may be used for some special occasions, but must be approved by the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office in advance. Advertisements for persons running for state or local elected positions may be placed on the public bulletin boards only. Writing with water-based chalk on the sidewalks and/or stairs should receive prior permission from the President’s Office or Dean of Student Affairs Office. The sponsoring organization has the primary responsibility for removing promotional information within 48 hours after an event. Failure to remove signs or postings in unauthorized locations may result in the organization being billed for sign removal and possible denial of future posting privileges. Posters/flyers etc. promoting the consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances are not permitted to be posted on campus. Postings not in English need an English translation on the posting. The College reserves the right to remove any form of advertising which does not comply with these procedures and/or bill the responsible party for the cost of removal. entire posting policy revised 2/27/17

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