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NCMC Student Organizations Social Media Usage

If you Use Social Media Video

Keep the material relevant, short, and to the point. Remember, in the world of screenshots and saved videos, you cannot erase content once it’s posted.

Keep Posts on Point and Short

When is the last time you read an entire post? If you’re not reading them, neither are your friends and followers.

Have a Strategy and Keep it Current

Remember why you established the page and create content that serves that purpose. Post original content at least once per week or CLOSE THE PAGE and let the Marketing Department post your material to NCMC’s main social media page.

Know Your Audience

It’s important to only post material that your audience will respond to with likes, shares, and comments. The back and forth with your followers will help drive your page’s rating within the social media algorithm.


Put your best foot forward and make sure that there are no misspellings or misused words.

Follow protocol

There is a protocol to establishing social media accounts for your club/team/organization. For more information and to access the request form visit NCMC Marketing.