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Parliamentary Procedure Cheat Sheet

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What is it?How do you phrase it?What does it mean?Does it need a second?Can it be amended?Is it debatable?Is a vote needed for it to pass?
Main Motion“I move that…”We should do this.YesYesYes50% + 1 (majority)
Amendment“I move to amend the motion by…”I have an idea to make this motion better.YesYesYes50% + 1 (majority)
Close Debate“I move the question…”I think that we should vote.YesNoNo2/3
Unanimously Close Debate“I call the question…”Let’s vote – we’ve all had enough discussion.NoNoNo100%  (consensus)
Correction“Point of information…”There’s something we should all know about.NoNoNoNo Vote
Complaint“I raise a point of personal privilege.”We need to resolve the following problem.NoNoNoNo Vote
Confusion“Point of clarification…”I’m confused…explain this situation more clearly!NoNoNoNo Vote
Rules Suspension“I move to suspend the rule(s) in order to…”To make things easier, let’s forget about the rules for a moment.YesNoNo2/3
Table“I move to table this motion until…”We need more time to think about this.YesNoNo50% + 1 (majority)
Order (!)“I raise a point of order.”I protest that we’re doing something wrong here.NoNoNoNo Vote
Remove from the Table“I move to take up from the table…”Let’s talk about this again.YesNoNo50% + 1
Refer to a Committee“I move to refer this issue to a committee.”This needs some detailed study outside of general body.YesYesYes50% + 1 (majority)

(provided by Jim Jones, PRP, Parliamentary Associates)

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