Recognition Policy

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Recognition of Student Organizations

  1. Organizations may become recognized by petitioning the Student Senate Executive Committee and Student Senate and by following the Organization Recognition Policy.
  2. Recognized organizations must follow the guidelines in the Organization Recognition Policy in order to maintain recognition.


  1. Organizations must have an advisor who is a member of the NCMC faculty, staff, or administration.
  2. Organizations must submit a constitution and /or bylaws (or request an exemption).
  3. Organizations must submit a list of officers and general members that includes local addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Organizations must fully complete the Application for Student Organization Recognition
  5. Organizations must adhere to all College policies.

Application Procedure

  1. Organizations that wish to become recognized must obtain an Application for Student Organization Recognition, which is available in the Student Senate Office.
  2. The application must be received by the Student Senate Secretary, who shall date and initial it.
  3. The Secretary will place the organization’s request for recognition on the next Student Senate meeting agenda.

Student Senate Hearing Procedure

  1. The President shall report on all requests of organizations to become recognized.
  2. Following a motion to recognize a student organization and debate on that motion, Student Senate shall vote to recognize or not to recognize the organization.
  3. Senators making a motion or debating about the recognition of an organization of which they are members, must make their membership known to Student Senate.

Rights of Recognized Organizations

  1. The right to request posting privileges on College posting bulletin boards.
  2. The right to request permission to perform sidewalk chalking.
  3. The right to request funds from Student Senate.

Application for Student Organization Recognition

Student Organization Name:

Student Organization Account number (if it currently exists):


Executive Board

Name    Position    Phone    Email   Address    Local    Address






Total # of Members: _______

We, the officers, assume responsibility for this organization and agree to the following:

  1. We confirm our willingness to abide by all College regulations and policies.
  2. We agree to notify the Dean of Student Services immediately if and when the purpose of the organization changes. Further, we agree to be responsible for this organization until the newly elected officers sign a new agreement.
  3. We individually assume responsibility for all expenses incurred by the organization. In regard to debts incurred other than with the College, we acknowledge that we are responsib
    le for the payment of such debts and that we may be held personally liable by creditors of our organization for any such debts. Should the College pay any debts to creditors on behalf of our organization, such amounts will then be billed to us by the College. In regard to College bills, we acknowledge that we understand and are willing to pay all College bills
    in a timely and appropriate manner. Student organizations will not be eligible for future funding until all financial obligations have been met.
  4. We acknowledge that the College determines all matters related to security and exercises control over access to all College buildings.
  5. We acknowledge that all events must be cleared and registered through the Dean of Student Services prior toany preparations being made.
  6. We acknowledge that the organization will be operated exclusively on a non-profit basis.
  7. In accordance with the College’s non-discrimination policy, we acknowledge that our organization may not on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, gender, age or handicap, exclude persons from participation in, deny persons the benefit of, or subject persons to discrimination under any of its educational programs or activities.

Signature of President

Signature of Advisor

*A copy of the organization’s constitution must accompany this signed form.
Date received:

Recipient initials:
Please return to Student Senate Secretary