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Student Senate

NCMC’s current Student Senate had its early roots in 1920, as a student council at the high school. During the academic year 1925-1926, Trenton Junior College (TJC) elected its first college student president, Ivan Ebbe. Since that time TJC, now North Central Missouri College, has placed student leadership and engagement as central to campus life. Our Student Senate and numerous student organizations contribute to individual student development and create a connected campus community where students can continue to grow and learn outside of the classroom. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun!

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Student Senate Constitution

Parliamentary Procedure

Award Nomination Forms

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Student Senate Presidents

1925-1926Ivan Ebbe
1926-1927Rex Moore
1927-1928Rex Moore
1928-1929Mary Robinson
1929-1930Alice Rains
1931-1932Nathan Baldwin
1932-1933Ira Desper
1933-1934Ernest Hubbell
1936-1937Clarence Leininger, Jr.
1937-1938Clarence Leininger, Jr.
1938-1939Chester Clark
1939-1940 Troy Lehr
1940-1941James McKemy
1941-1942Carrollyn Miller
1942-1943Lewis Ray Robertson
1943-1944Charles Hoffman
1944-1945Corwin Tracy
1945-1946Reva Berry
1946-1947John Barnes
1947-1948 Richard Johnson
1948-1949Lloyd Bohnenkamp
1949-1950Jerry Griffith
1950-1951 Paul Rowoth
1951-1952Ronald Youngs
1952-1953Eugene Saale Jr.
1953-1954 Edward Holt
1954-1955Rex Williams
1955-1956Forrest Wayne Ricketts
1956-1957 Danny Jo Blitz
1957-1958 Dale Delvin Hartley
1958-1959 Billy Joe Robinson
1959-1960Ralph Kidd
1960-1961James Whorton
1961-1962James Whorton
1962-1963 Tom Trainer
1963-1964 Herman Thomas Prindle Jr.
1964-1965William Koch
1965-1966John Holcomb
1966-1967Gary Shipley
1967-1968James Richard Kemp
1968-1969John Nienhuis
1969-1970John Wright
1970-1971William Gordon
1971-1972Leslie Hollrah
1972-1973Dale Gibler
1973-1974Edward Campbell
1974-1975Theresa Slaughter
1975-1976Steven Dale Campbell
1976-1977Terry McCollum
1977-1978Stanley Baldwin/Kelley “Mac” Covey
1978-1979 Steve Miller
1979-1980Richard Crowder
1980-1981Charles Thomas Stickler
1981-1982 Mike Howe
1982-1983 Kevin Kimberling
1984-1985Michael Swift
1985-1986 Louis Wilson
1986-1987Nancy Hanks
1987-1988Randy Chapman
1988-1989Elaine DeVore
1990-1991Melissa Holcomb
1991-1992George Duncan
1992-1993Jay Daniels
1993-1994Jill Pickering
1994-1995 Jill Pickering
1995-1996Christopher Dixon
1996-1997Jodi Guess
1997-1998Stephanie Galloway
1998-1999Anitra Walgren
1999-2000Wanetta Day
2000-2001Matt Younger
2001-2002Alisha Vadnais
2002-2003Scott Anderson
2003-2004Katherine Estes
2004-2005 Brook Carder
2005-2006Bart George
2006-2007Megan Schmidt
2007-2008David J Midgyett
2008-2009Lauren Cain
2009-2010Carli Moser
2010-2011Hannah Hill
2011-2012Caitlynn McFee
2012-2013Cara Fordyce
2013-2014Loren Fox
2014-2015Sara Miles
2015-2016Alex Holt/Chelsey Valentine
2016-2017Jeanna Noel
2017-2018Katelyn Galloway
2018-2019Jamee Scearce
2019-2020Katie Blanchard
2020-2021Jacquelyn Perez
2021-2022Makayla Eads
2022-2023Carli Beck

*The collective list of Student Senate Presidents was created through research of NCMC archives, Trenton Republican Times archives, personal accounts, and Better Than They Knew by Tom Brown.  If you served as Student Senate President and are not listed, if you can help fill in missing names, or you see any corrections that need to be made, please let us know!  We are currently reviewing archives to gather a collective history of those who served in this honorable role!  Contact Dr. Kristen Alley, Vice President of Student Affairs, at [email protected]

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