Steps to articulate a course


  1. The student selects an appropriate career path.
  2. The student enrolls in the articulated course.
  3. The student completes the course to the standards set by the two institutions involved. Some students will complete the course but not to the college level standard and, as a result, will not receive a certificate. Those students who have met the standards will be issued an “articulation” certificate (Form 4-A) by the instructor at the end of the course.
  4. The student enrolls at North Central Missouri College within 15 months of graduation. The student will take his/her certificate to North Central Missouri College for processing by the registrar’s office. The institution will e-mail a copy of the certificate to North Central Missouri College to remain on file until the student signs up for classes or graduates. The student must complete 12 hours of credit at NCMC with at least a 2.0 (ā€œCā€) grade point average. The student may then apply (using Form 3-A) to have those articulated credits applied to his/her records. The student may pay a nominal “transcription fee” at this time.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow the process for receiving those credits.

Certificate of Articulated Credit (Form 4A) – to be completed by instructor

Application for College Credit (Form 3A) – to be completed by student

School district/teachers:

  1. Contact North Central Missouri College to see if your course is eligible for articulation or has already been articulated with another school district. The Coordinator of Federal Programs or Dean of Instruction should be your contact (phone 660.359.3948 ext. 1278).
  2. College personnel (Coordinator of Federal Programs, course instructor/department faculty, and Dean of Instruction) and district personnel (course instructor, principal, and director) compare district and college courses using current college course competencies.
    1. The school district may be required to make curriculum adjustments. Site visitations, sharing books used, etc., may be requested.
    2. Should a final examination or criteria referenced test be given by the district at the conclusion of the course, it is to be validated by district and college personnel.
    3. Final examination may include performance tests as well as a written exam.
    4. Courses may be granted articulation approval and final examination not required.
  3. Once the competencies are agreed upon, the articulation agreement is signed by the district superintendent or director and the college president. A copy is maintained at each location.
  4. When the student successfully completes course requirements indicated for articulation and approval for college credit is obtained, the certification received by the student from the district instructor is to be presented at the time of college registration and again when application is made for the college credit awarded. Students will receive advanced standing when they enroll in college.
  5. The student will receive college credit after completing 12 credit hours at NCMC. Student completes formal application (Form 3-A) for the awarding of college credit and submits a copy of the certificate of credit (Form 4-A) from the district.
  6. The college and districts will summarize the articulation activities and review the articulation process every two years, preferably annually.

For more information about articulated credit, contact the counselor or career and technology teacher at your high school or Career Center. You may also contact the Coordinator of Federal Programs at North Central Missouri College.

Jason Helton

(660)359-3948 ext. 1278
[email protected].