CLEP (accept credit-only)

College Level Examination Program

North Central Missouri College accepts CLEP credit as posted below. NCMC does NOT provide CLEP testing on campus.


  1. NCMC will grant up to 30 semester hours credit based on satisfactory CLEP scores.
  2. Students are advised to attempt CLEP credit only through the Subject Examinations.
  3. Within the 30-hour limitation, a maximum of 24 semester hours may be earned for the General Examination.
  4. CLEP credit is applicable toward all degrees and certificates offered by the college.
  5. The student must be enrolled at NCMC and have earned traditional college credit at NCMC before CLEP credit will be entered on the permanent record. There is a $10 per credit hour recording fee for each course transcripted.
  6. CLEP credit will NOT be awarded when comparable work has already been completed, attempted, or audited. The minimum scores required to earn CLEP credit may change without notice.
  7. College/universities to which the student may transfer, reserve the right to re-evaluate and grant credit or NOT grant credit in terms of their own CLEP policies.
  8. CLEP credit does not count toward a students’ GPA.

Registration Procedure

  1. Determine which CLEP examination(s) you should take by working with your advisor.
  2. On the Registration Form, write NCMC’s CLEP Code #6830 in the score recipient’s space.
  3. Arrange to take the test(s) at any CLEP testing center nationwide. NCMC is NOT a CLEP testing center.
  4. The contact person at the test center will advise you regarding the procedure they want you to follow in completing the Registration Form and the actual testing procedures.


NCMC’s Equivalent Courses and Credit

CLEP Course Name NCMC Course ID & Name Credits
American Government PL216 National Government 3
American Literature EN261 American Lit before 1865 3
Biology BI890 Life Science Elective 3
Calculus MT880 Math Requirement 4
Chemistry PS890 Physical Science Elective 3
College Algebra MT122 College Algebra 3
College Comp Modular EN101 English I 3
College Composition EN101 English I & English II 6
College Mathematics MT119 Contemporary Math 3
English Literature EN230 English Lit I 3
Financial Accounting BA890 Business Elective 3
French Language FL120 Elementary French I & II 6
German Language FL110 Elementary German 4
Hist of the US I HI103 Am Hist To 1877 3
Hist of the US II HI104 Am Hist Since 1877 3
Hum Growth & Dev PY233 Human Growth & Devel 3
Humanities HU880 Humanities Requirement 3
Information Systems IT110 Intro To Computers 3
Intro Business Law BA221 Business Law 3
Intro Psychology PY121 General Psychology 3
Intro Sociology SO107 General Sociology 3
Intro to Ed Psych SO890 Social Science Elective 3
Pr of Macroeconomics EC253 Macroeconomics 3
Pr of Microeconomics EC252 Microeconomics 3
Precalculus MT148 Pre-Calculus 5
Prin of Management BA150 Prin Of Management 5
Prin of Marketing BA154 Prin Of Marketing 3
Soc Sci & History SO890 Social Science Elective 3
Spanish Language FL100 Spanish I & Spanish II 6
West Civ I HI101 Western Civ To 1700 3
West Civ II HI102 West Civ Since 1700 3