ID required to test. Please schedule tests at least 3 working days before test date.

Testers should familiarize themselves with the Testing Center Rules.  By accessing the test, the tester agrees to the Testing Center Rules.

To schedule a proctored test, choose one of the following:

Note: If accommodations are needed make sure to get them approved by our Accessibility Services team and let the testing staff know what testing accommodations you will be using.

What can I bring into the testing room?

Your instructor will fill out a proctor request stating what you are allowed to bring in the testing room. Some examples of items that may be allowed are calculators, notes, reference sheets.

If you’re not sure what you can bring in the testing room, please check with your instructor.

Testing staff will also have this info on test day.

How will I be proctored?

Video and audio surveillance is active at this testing center. Your testing session will be recorded.

Can I use NCMC Proctored Services if I am not an NCMC student?

NCMC offers proctoring services to non-NCMC students once it’s been approved by NCMC Test Center staff and by the testers institution. A flat rate of $10.00 per test will be charged.  You can make payment over the phone by calling (660) 357-6411.


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Hours of Operation

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Thursday – Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
Saturday & Sunday closed

NCMC Hours of Operation
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Select dates for closing can be found on our Academic Calendar


Shellee Castanada – Savannah Campus
Resource Center Coordinator

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