Testers seeking testing accommodations are required to request accommodations.  It is important to make sure the request for accommodations is approved before registering for a test.

Examples of testing accommodations:

  • Additional Time
  • Scribe
  • Test Read Out Loud by Proctor
  • Non-distracting Environment

If you are uncertain if you’ve requested accommodations or would like a full list of accommodations, please contact:

Janelle Golden
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Accessibility Services
[email protected]
(660) 357-6801

Ready to Register for Testing?

Testing with accommodations is currently available at our two proctored testing locations: Main Campus – Trenton and Savannah Campus. Select the location that fits your schedule best.


Kaitlyn Mounce
Library Assistant II and Testing Center Coordinator
[email protected]
(660) 357-6335


Shellee Castanada
Resource Center Coordinator

[email protected]
(816) 324-8030

If you require an accommodation for taking the Accuplacer, please contact our Accessibility Services Coordinator, Janelle Golden.  Learn more about Accessibility Services.