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NCMC To A Degree: Business Department

Author: Sarah Bird, CTE Division Chair and Business Instructor


May 11, 2022

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Sarah Bird

The North Central Missouri College Business department is helping students prepare for careers in growing markets.  Since the pandemic, many economic and cultural changes have affected the business world.  As a result, we have made several changes to our degree programs at NCMC. Whatever your interest in business is, we offer courses that prepare you to enter the workforce with applicable skills in different areas.

The Business department has added new emphasis areas to the AAS offerings. Students can complete a Business AAS degree with three different emphasis areas: Management, Sport Management, or Digital Media and Marketing.  We have recently added the Sport Management emphasis area and the Digital Media and Marketing emphasis.  These two-emphasis areas offer courses specific to starting careers in industries growing in today’s economy.

The Sport Management emphasis has already been articulated to different universities and has had several internship opportunities offered to our students.  “It has been very exciting to see the level of interest in the Sport Management emphasis area and to see that four-year schools are so excited to work with us to find future opportunities for our students, either through continuing their education or internships,” says division chair, Sarah Bird.

The Digital Media and Marketing emphasis has also seen exciting levels of student interest. Students are gaining hands-on experience through the Pirate Digital Media program. These students are learning technology in the classroom and then gaining practical experience by helping the college produce live streams of games and student-athlete interviews. This program has also produced several commercials for different programs on campus. The Social Media and Marketing class created several Tik Toks and Instagram posts for our Marketing department on campus. This was an excellent way for students to see their knowledge come to life and be used in a real-world business setting. There are so many exciting opportunities in the Digital Media and Marketing program.

The Business department has also added Microsoft Office Specialist Certification to the Micro Computer Applications courses.  The students can now prove their proficiency in Office programs by completing this well-recognized certification.  This is the first full year of offering this certification to our students, with around 100 students certifying.  Business Instructor Ronda Copple believes “this is a great credential for our students entering the workforce.  Instead of writing on their application that they are computer proficient, they can now show they are certified. This will be a factor when these students start seeking employment.”