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NCMC To a Degree: Industrial Technology Programs

Author: Rick Sharp, Industrial Technology Instructor and Coordinator


April 29, 2022

Rick Sharp Content 2022
Rick Sharp
Industrial Technology Instructor and Coordinator

The Industrial Technology Associates of Applied Science degree will be available to students starting the spring semester of 2023. This associate’s degree includes industrial technology classes and the required general education classes.  Students can also earn a certificate by taking industrial technology classes to update their skills in business and industry.

Industrial technology classes taught are Basic Electricity, Industrial Electronics, Motor Controls I, Advanced Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers I, Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers, Industrial Robotics I, and Advanced Industrial Robotics and Automation.  These classes are available to students during the day and evening.  Career areas that use skills from these classes are industrial maintenance, robotic and programmable logic control programming (PLC), robot integration, motor control technicians, and electricians.  The Motor Controls I and Advanced Motor Controls program recently added a motor control-training cell that will help to teach different wiring and applications that raises the level of maintenance technician being able to program robots.  As part of the degree program, a robotic training cell was purchased to teach robotic integration and application skills.

The Industrial Technology degree/certificate program holds an annual advisory meeting.  Members of the advisory team represent businesses and industries in the Northwest region of Missouri. They comment on skill areas being taught by North Central Missouri College (NCMC) staff and suggest changes to improve productivity and mirror trends in their fields. Customizing training for business and industries in this area is essential to broadening the reach at the new NCMC’s Savannah campus. Businesses and industries in this area can contact NCMC staff to discuss possibilities of setting up an on-site training program specific to their employees’ needs.

In 2022-2023, industrial technology/certificate classes will be taught at the NCMC Barton Campus in Trenton, MO, and at the NCMC campus in Savannah, MO.  Classes offered at the Savannah campus, depending on building completion, will be motor control, PLC, and robotic classes.

Drone classes will be offered in the early fall and late spring.  The first course, Intro to Drones, introduces students to the foundations of hobbyist drones, including safety, maintenance, payloads, data links, ground support equipment, classes of systems, categories, applications, mission planning, and control and recovery systems. Students will learn basic drone piloting skills for landing, take-off, and drone flight missions.  The next class, Drones Flight Operation, provides students the training using part 107 drone pilot operations guidelines and practices. This course is a systematic process that will help develop confident professional drone pilots. The final class, Aerial Photography, and Video, provide students with the basic knowledge of aerial photography and video as hobbyist drone pilots. Hands-on training, instructor-led flight instruction, and step-by-step procedures ensure safe flights and great learning experiences.

To learn more about Industrial Technology courses at NCMC, visit or contact Rick Sharp at 660-357-6278.