“I am glad I chose to be a part of Upward Bound. It helped me see that there is more out there and available than what we see. I learned so much about how to find a good school, how to interpret loans and other important information. Being from a low-income family, I didn’t think travel was possible, but I later found out that it is possible, especially abroad. I appreciate the Upward Bound program and believe, if it wasn’t for it, I would not have had a good foundation in education. I attended a community college in upstate New York. I then went on to the state university (in the same city) where I studied abroad in Australia and New Zealand, while completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Immunology”.


“Upward Bound has been one of the best things to happen to me and I would not be where I am today. It helped me to succeed in high school and prepare myself for college. The program itself prepared me for future classes, paid for expensive college entrance tests, and taught me skills that I have continued to use to this day. Upward Bound also allowed me the experience to meet other people and see new things; which I wouldn’t have otherwise. I was able to visit places around the country like Chicago, IL and Duluth, MN- I wouldn’t have imagined visiting these places at all without Upward Bound. I am currently an undergraduate at the Missouri University of Science and Technology studying computer engineering and computer science”.


“Upward Bound helped me prepare for college in so many ways. During the school year, they provided tutoring and assistance to help keep us on track. They had us maintain a rigorous course of study which helped me keep me on the right path with my academics. Extreme Saturdays were fun and informative. They included a speaker and fun activities. Aside from that, Extreme Saturdays allowed me to make new friends from other schools, that I wouldn’t know had it not been for Upward Bound. My favorite part was summer and getting to stay in the dorms like a real college student. This prepared me for having to live with people I may or may not be familiar with and getting used to the idea of adapting to others needs/wants. Also, the out-of-state trip at the end of summer was sweet too. We got to tour big cities and their colleges to give us a wide variety of where we might want to go. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, when I started college, I went to NCMC and started tutoring other students. I loved that I could receive tutoring where I struggled and offer tutoring in my strengths. After graduating from NCMC with an Associate of Arts in Teaching, I went to Missouri Western State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music education. I currently teach High School/JH Band & Choir as well as coach cheer and direct/act in musicals. I am so grateful for all the tools Upward Bound has given me to succeed in life.”